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Radon & Lead Testing

Testing your home’s radon levels is the only way to know if you and your family are at risk.
We can do a radon test at the same time as we inspect your home. Digital radon testing results can be available within 48 hours. If radon is detected, we’ll set up a vent system to route the radon gas away from your home’s interior.

Not expensive

Properly installation will eliminate the problem

Continuous radon monitoring (CRM)

Hourly printouts

Lead Testing Will Let You Know Levels of Danger in Paint and Water

Reducing lead poisoning starts with getting tested through our trained experts. Afterwards, you should consider removing and sealing lead hazards for future safety.

XRF Analyzers / X-ray fluorescence spectrometers

Laboratory testing of paint samples

Test paints / household dust

Test water

Home Exterior - Painted Front Door

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